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Professional and Business Services
Metropolitan Capital advises companies in the business services sectors across many diversified service industries. Our unique combination of industry experience and knowledge allows our team to develop and analyze business opportunities across many markets and services.

Investment Services
Metropolitan Capital uses its team's combined experience in a variety of financial and investment industries to advise and market financial companies and funds. Drawing on past investment, lending, and origination experiences, Metropolitan Capital's team strives to develop processes that best fit each individual client.

Consumer, Food and Retail
Metropolitan Capital assists companies with corporate finance, M&A, and restructuring matters for the Consumer, Food and Retail (CFR) industry. Industry sub-sectors encompass Specialty Retail, Direct Selling, and Quick Service Restaurants.

Real Estate
Metropolitan Capital serves entrepreneurs and developers who want to raise debt and equity to pursue their real estate investment strategies. We use our market expertise to help clients secure institutional and entrepreneurial sources of capital, while developing an investment strategy based on strategic fit, shared philosophies, and alignment of interests in the deal structure. In some cases, we draw upon the resources and capabilities of our sister company, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, to fund transactions.

Telecom, Media, and Technology ("TMT")
Metropolitan Capital provides strategic advice to our TMT clients, encompassing mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt private placements, as well as placing/sourcing equity and debt in capital markets for uniquely positioned industry players. Industry sub-sectors include Internet/Digital Media, Information Technology Services, Broadcast Media, and Publishing.

Metropolitan Capital offers clients mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance advice to middle market companies across healthcare industry sectors, including healthcare services, drug research, and medical devices.

Energy and Environmental
Metropolitan Capital advises companies in the renewable energy industry, as well as companies who produce products and services that are more environmentally friendly than traditional offerings. Industry sub-sectors of interest include natural gas (midstream and downstream), solar technologies, biofuels, feedstock enhancement, and energy efficiency.

Financial Technology
Metropolitan Capital advises an array of companies, large and small, in the Financial Technology ("Fintech") space, particularly in the areas of marketplace finance and payments. Metropolitan Capital has matched Internet Finance platforms with sources of asset and equity funding, as well as identifying and securing referral alliance arrangements amongst complementary Internet Finance platforms in concert with Metropolitan Capital Solutions (MCS). In the payments sector, in addition to sourcing capital, Metropolitan Capital has helped payment platforms to access additional client channels in concert with MCS and has sourced and advised on complementary mergers and acquisitions.