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Risk And Insurance Management

To be thoroughly effective, any plan for the future should attempt to take the unexpected into consideration. As such, your Private Capital Manager has the ability to integrate comprehensive insurance coverage into your CAP through our partners – Aon Private Risk Management and Executive Capital Resources. With life, disability, property & casualty and several other areas of insurance coverage, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust’s insurance partners can help you to ensure security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Aon Private Risk Management
Aon Private Risk Management is a new approach to insurance and risk management for accomplished individuals and their families. Their client-centric programs harness the financial and insurance expertise, technical sophistication and global reach of Aon to deliver customized solutions to securing your assets and insuring your life and health.

Making Your Success More Secure
Aon Private Risk Management's program encompasses these key values:

  • Enhanced service
  • Team support
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Confidentiality

Enhanced Service
When it comes to the long-term protection of the assets and people you value most, voice mail and facsimile machines aren't effective advisors. Our client service protocols are designed to give you direct contact with your Aon Private Risk Management Relationship Manager.

Team Support
Your Aon Relationship Manager has access to the worldwide resources of Aon, providing you access to experts in dozens of fields, which include property and liability insurance, life and health insurance and estate preservation, risk and capital management, claims management and loss control.

Strategic Planning and Implementation
Aon designs and executes programs that focus on the current and future needs of your family as it grows, evolves and matures.

Aon values your privacy as much as you do; all discussions, transactions and information are kept in the strictest confidence.

Aon's comprehensive services are offered in four components: Risk Management Consulting, Insurance Brokerage, Risk Portfolio Management and Estate Preservation

For more information, contact your PCM or visit the Aon Private Risk Management website at

Insurance products managed by Aon are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by Aon or Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, and may lose value. Insurance products are not a Bank deposit and as such are not obligations of the Bank.

Executive Capital Resources
Executive Capital Resources (ECR) is an insurance-advisory firm specializing in personal risk management, family wealth transfer, business continuity and executive benefits. They have built a reputation of excellence - serving generations of successful individuals and their businesses with expert counsel, exceptional service and superior products.

Executive Capital Resource's clients generally seek their assistance when confronting one of five broad issues including Personal Risk Management, Executive Compensation, Succession of Ownership, Estate Planning and Buy-Sell Arrangements.

In conjunction with their clients' bankers, accountants, attorneys and other professional advisors, ECR helps design, implement and monitor workable solutions to the above problems. While insurance plays a key role in each of the above scenarios, it is but one of the tools by which ECR helps clients achieve their objectives. ECR’s true value to their clients is their creativity, ingenuity and service.

Before clients select ECR to represent them, they often ask many questions about what distinguishes ECR from the rest of the marketplace. Interestingly, very little of the information requested has to do with insurance illustrations. Instead, the questions typically deal with experience, expertise, administrative capabilities and emphasis on working with high net worth individuals, their families and their businesses. ECR believes their team's experience, expertise and administrative capabilities are the key ingredients as to why ECR is chosen.

There are numerous pitfalls in the structure of both the ownership and the internal make-up of insurance policies. Insurance companies are notorious for creating illustrations with overly aggressive mortality, lapse ratio and expense factors. ECR discloses these variables to their clients. Additionally, ECR has the ability to "stress test" insurance policies that are in place as well as policies being considered for acquisition.

For more information contact your PCM or visit the Executive Capital Resources website at

Insurance products managed by Executive Capital Resources are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by Executive Capital Resources or Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, and may lose value. Insurance products are not a Bank deposit and as such are not obligations of the Bank.

For more information on Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust’s Risk & Insurance Management Services, please contact your Private Capital Manager. To obtain a PCM, please contact Richard Keneman, Principal Private Capital Manager, at 312.640.2350.

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