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At Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, understanding the client differently means serving the client differently. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clientele and delivered to meet the high standards that our clients deserve.

With a competitive range of short-term and long-term loans, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust can provide lending solutions to address any of your private or professional interests. Your PCM will work closely with you to develop a debt management strategy, integrated with your comprehensive cash management plan: including how to structure your consumer or commercial mortgage; how to most effectively leverage your assets; and how to best integrate refinancing into the debt management process. The structure and pricing of Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust's loans are impacted by the breath and depth of your total relationship with us and our partners.

Mortgage Lending:

At Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, we differ from other banks or mortgage brokers because in addition to finding you a competitive mortgage rate; we are also interested in helping you to structure a mortgage that best serves your needs. By combining our knowledge of your personal financial situation with the array of mortgage products that exist, your Private Capital Manager can advise you on which mortgage structure will be most supportive of your financial goals. As we work together to select the mortgage structure that makes the most sense, we will begin to seek the most competitive terms available for this structure.

Home Equity Lending:

Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust offers Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) and Home Equity Loans or Second Mortgages. Your Home Equity Lines can be linked with a checking account to allow you to use your debit card, write checks, and pay bills drawing down your HELOC. Home Equity Lines can also be linked to a checking account to provide access to additional funds should you overdraw your checking account.

Personal Lines Of Credit:

In addition to offering credit cards, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust offers Personal Lines of Credit. We have clients that use Personal Lines of Credit for any number of reasons, one of those being financing living expenses between leaving college and a professional athletic career. Similar to our Home Equity Lines, our Personal Lines of Credit can also be tied to your transaction accounts.

Other Loans:

We understand that your home or condo purchase is not the only element of your life that you need to finance. Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust can finance other expenditures such as real estate rehab projects, borrowing to invest, automobiles, boats, and numerous other projects you foresee.

For more information on Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust's Lending Services, please contact your Private Capital Manager. To obtain a PCM, please contact Richard Keneman, Principal Private Capital Manager, at 312.640.2350

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