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At Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, understanding the client differently means serving the client differently. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clientele and delivered to meet the high standards that our clients deserve.

Cash Management - Deposit and Lending Services

An effective and automated cash-management program forms the backbone of the CAP. Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust offers a cash-management solution that enables you to save money in an automated manner much like the automatic debits from your salary in a 401(k) plan. The elements of this custom-tailored, cash-management program are an interest-bearing checking account as a transaction account, (e.g. payroll direct deposit, debit & ATM card transactions, paying bills), a money market account for surplus cash for the intermediate term (6-12 months) and an investment account for assets that can remain outstanding for the longer term (greater than 1 year). Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust can set automatic triggers so that a pre-defined amount of money will be transferred from the interest-bearing checking account into a higher-yielding money market account on a regular basis. Once the funds in the money market account surpass an amount that you set, money is then swept into an investment account that is managed by a professional money manager. Establishing an automated cash-management program is an effective way to build capital.

Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust’s Cash Management Services are comprised primarily of Transactional Accounts, CDs and Lending Products. In constructing your Capital Accumulation Plan, you may employ as many (or as few) of these solutions as you need.

Transactional Accounts & CD's include:

  • Interest-Bearing Checking (Short Term): An Interest-Bearing Checking Account is the primary vehicle for payroll direct deposit, check writing, debit & ATM card transactions and electronic bill pay. In addition to offering convenient transaction capabilities, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust’s Interest-Bearing Checking Account offers a competitive interest rate;
  • Money Market Account (Intermediate): A high-yielding Money Market Account can be used to manage excess short-term liquidity. As well as offering a high-yield, a Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust Money Market Account offers convenient access with up to six transactions per month;
  • Certificates of Deposits (CDs) (Long Term): A Certificate of Deposit, while less liquid than a checking or money market account, can offer a higher interest rate. Your PCM can provide you with several ways to effectively integrate CDs into your Capital Accumulation Plan;
  • Automated Loan Sweep: An Automated Loan Sweep Account provides funding for temporary cash flow shortfalls. This account ties your Interest-Bearing Checking Account to any Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust revolving loan product (including a home equity line of credit) to provide access to additional funds if your checking account balance dips below zero.

Lending Products include:

  • Mortgage Lending: Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust offers a competitive array of mortgage solutions including fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) and interest-only mortgages.
  • Home Equity Lending: The Bank offers Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) and Home Equity Loans or Second Mortgages.
  • Personal Lines Of Credit: In addition to offering credit cards, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust offers Personal Lines of Credit.
  • Other Loans: Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust can also provide loans for boats, cars, motorcycles or for any of your financing needs.

For more information on Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust’s Cash Management Services, please contact your Private Capital Manager. To obtain a PCM, please contact Richard Keneman, Principal Private Capital Manager, at 312.640.2350.