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At Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, understanding the client differently means serving the client differently. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clientele and delivered to meet the high standards that our clients deserve.

Capital Accumulation Plan

At Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, the Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) is the platform to achieving your financial goals. Whether it is buying a dream home, or a trip around the world, we understand your aspirations will involve planning and we are both eager and able to help. Here at the Bank, a CAP is the foundation for delivering integrated cash management, investment management, lending, tax & accounting consultation and risk management grounded in the fundamentals of financial planning. Your Private Capital Manager (PCM) will work with you to update your CAP throughout your life as a Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust customer.

An effective and automated cash-management program forms the backbone of the CAP. Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust offers a cash-management solution that enables you to save money in an automated manner much like the automatic debits from your salary in a 401(k) plan. The elements of this custom-tailored, cash-management program are an interest-bearing checking account as a transaction account, (e.g. payroll direct deposit, debit & ATM card transactions, paying bills), a money market account for surplus cash for the intermediate term (6-12 months) and an investment account for assets that can remain outstanding for a longer term (greater than 1 year). Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust can set automatic triggers so that a pre-defined amount of money will be transferred from the interest-bearing checking account into a higher-yielding, money market account on a regular basis. Once the funds in the money market account surpass an amount that you set, money is then swept into an investment account that is managed by a professional money manager. Establishing an automated cash-management program is an effective way to build capital.

With your financial core established through an automated cash-management program, your CAP can then incorporate additional professional services through the Bank’s partners. By drawing on leading financial institutions in the areas of investments, insurance and tax & accounting, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust and your PCM can deliver each of the elements necessary for your Capital Accumulation Plan.

For more information, please contact your Private Capital Manager. To obtain a PCM, please contact Richard Keneman, Principal Private Capital Manager, at 312.640.2350.

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