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At Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, understanding the client differently means serving the client differently. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clientele and delivered to meet the high standards that our clients deserve.

Your Private Capital Manger (PCM) understands the countless demands on the entrepreneur's schedule and will design a cash flow management plan that reflects this. For example, a business checking account can be a helpful suggestion to small business owners to ease accounting work. No matter what the scenario, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust can provide you with the solution of how to use your checking account most effectively.

The Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust Professional Business Checking Account is designed for small to mid-volume clients with a limited number of monthly transactions (normally less than X) and a limited need for tailored product flexibility. Sometimes referred to as "Basic Business Checking," the Professional Business Checking Account offers competitive terms and features. A certain number of transactions are incorporated in the monthly service fee, and additional transactions are charged a nominal per transaction fee.

These transactions include:

  • Deposits and deposited items;
  • Checks paid; and
  • ACH credits and debits

Cash Management Business Checking: This is Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust's premium business product, typically utilized by our higher volume, business clients who require a more robust cash management capability. As our Account Analysis product, Cash Management Business Checking allows collected balances to offset service charges. However, you can also elect to simply maintain a zero balance and pay activity fees. This account features fully automated sweep capability, transferring excess balances to an interest bearing business MMA or, alternatively, drawing against an approved revolving line of credit when presentments exceed available balances. This means less time spent managing cash flow and more time spent addressing more pressing needs within your business.

Cash Management Money Market Account: Similar to a personal Money Market Account, this account offers your business the ability to earn interest income balances at tiered rates. This account can be linked to the Cash Management Business Checking Account enabling surplus cash to be swept from the checking account into the interest bearing Money Market Account on a daily basis subject to regulatory requirements. Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust can also offer sweeps into off balance sheet investment Money Market Accounts.

For more information on Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust's Professional Cash Management Services, please contact your Private Capital Manager. To obtain a PCM, please contact Richard Keneman, Principal Private Capital Manager, at 312.640.2350