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Philanthropy at Metropolitan Capital

About MCPE

The Metropolitan Capital Philanthropic Enterprise (MCPE) was created in 2011 to better enable Metropolitan Capital’s team members to develop stronger ties with, and assist with the well-being of, our community. MCPE consists of team members from Metropolitan Capital who seek out and organize opportunities for the rest of the team to get involved with and give back in various ways, including the facilitation of the Bank’s matching program and providing volunteer opportunities for team members.

In addition, MCPE looks to make a difference is by donating its unique space in the Tree Studios for use. MCPE encourages non-profit entities to use its space for luncheons, board meetings and evening events. If you are connected with a non-profit and are interested in learning more about the opportunity to use our space, please email for further information.

About the 10-for-10 Program

In celebration of the Bank’s 10 Year Anniversary in 2015, MCPE created the 10-for-10 Program through which it partnered with 10 philanthropic organizations that sought out Metropolitan Capital’s unique skills in creative problem solving. Each 10-for-10 partner has been featured at one of Metropolitan Capital’s monthly events, giving their organization a unique platform to spread the word about their goals, visions and impact in the community. In addition to a financial contribution, we sought out opportunities to partner with these organizations in numerous ways, and throughout the year have taught financial literacy workshops, facilitated programming at our partner organizations and hosted events with our non-profit partners.

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